Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Be Prepared - Just Incase

I thinks its fair to say the events in Christchurch have got us all realising that we could prepare ourselves a little bit better. The fact that hardware stores sold out of emergency supplies in the weeks following is a good sign that people are stocking up on essentials to get them through.

Things to think about:

If it is a major disaster then everyone will be affected this includes tradesmen and all the people in the emergency services as well as your property managers and potentially property owners. They may have family member missing, may be trapped themselves and may not be contactable. So patience is extremely important. Its a well known fact that people who get out there and help during extreme situations have a greater survival rate that those that sit back and wait for others to help them. So get out there and do what ever you can to help. Check on neighbours, friends and if you have power etc share it around.

Get a survival kit organised:
Find a location that will be easily accessible if your home is not stable. A lockable garden shed is ideal. Get a large waterproof airtight container a fill it with everything each member of your family will need to survive at least 3 days. This could include the following:
Water (3 litres per person per day)
Food (non perishable)
Torch and battery powered radio (with spare batteries)
Toilet paper, plastic bags and a bucket.
Other toiletries you may need.
First aid kit and any medication you may need.
Pots and pans for cooking (and any other utensils - don't forget a can opener)
Face and dust masks.
Towels and blankets
Sturdy shoes
Warm clothes
Pack of cards or travel games

Make a plan:
Maybe you share a flat with other people your age or maybe with family. Who ever it is you need to come up with a way of checking on each other and a location you will meet at. The internet and cell phones are a great way to let people know that you are safe - refer to the rental results action plan blog to find out how you can notify us that you are safe.

Always be prepared you just never know when something may happen.

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