Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is your Electrician any Good?

A client sent in this photo of insulation in his investment property which had been left this way after his electrician had done some work on the lights. In my opinion, they haven't finished the job.

A good electrician puts back insulation after they move it. Some may argue that it isn't their job - they're sparkies, not fluffers (or whatever the slang for insulation installers is). Nonsense. If they moved it, they put it back. No excuses.

The electrician in question has compromised the thermal properties of the building with their carelessness. They are costing the occupant (tenants in this case) heating costs, and as this matter only came to the landlords attention when a prospective purchaser obtained a building report, it could have cost them the sale. They now need to spend more money getting someone up there to re-lay the batts. Hardly fair is it, when the sparky could have spent just 5 minutes setting it right before they packed up their tools.

When you are choosing tradespeople, choose ones that are tried and tested. Ones that take pride in their work, and always do the best they can. We fire tradies that treat properties as 'just a rental' because they have forgotten that it is someones home, and someones retirement income. If they don't respect that, they don't get work from us. Be as discerning. It is your home, or your retirement, on the line.

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