Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting the best from your Trademe advertising.

Many people miss out on getting great tenants for their property because they don’t know how to attract them with a great Trademe advert. Follow these hints to avoid being one of them.

1. Accentuate the positive. People won’t infer from your advert what you have to offer them. Make it plain, and repeat if necessary. What is it close to? What do you love most about the property (if the answer to that is ‘the rent’ you might need to have another think).

2. Take great photos. Choose a sunny day to take photos on. Dark and dingy won’t get you great tenants. Light and bright is the way to go. If you don’t have a wide angle lens on your camera, get one. Most cameras don't take good indoor photos because the angle of view is too small.

3. Clean up! A building site or bomb site won’t attract neat and tidy people. If your current tenants have stuff everywhere, politely ask them to move it for the photos, or ask if they mind you doing it. You don't need to do a proper job of it. Dirty dishes can be hidden in the sink or oven, dirty clothes under the bed, or simply moved behind you when you take the photo. Better yet, take photos when the property is at its best, and re-use those as often as you need to.

4. More information is better than less. You are not writing a newspaper classified so you're not paying by the word, so make the most of it. Use adjectives! Don’t bother using abbreviations (for example: s/s, gge, br, wir), you don’t need to, and they can confuse people.

5. Know what to leave out. Do you need to mention noisy neighbours? Some things are relative, what bothers you won’t bother someone else, so don’t include stuff that may go either way.

6. Be honest. You do need to truthfully sell your property, so don’t say it has a heat pump when it has no heating at all. To do otherwise could land you in hot water.

The goal is to get people enquiring about your property. You want them to come to your property and see it for themselves. Why not list the open homes times there? Or how to apply? The easier you make it, the better the response will be, so the more applicants you have to choose the best tenant from.

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