Monday, August 22, 2011

Why trust is vital.

All relationships are built on trust. Frankly, I think relationships should start with healthy level of trust, and it moves up or down from there. Why start at an optimistic mid-point? It makes you a better person. It encourages the other party to live up to your expectation. And really, do you want to be that suspicious Gollum type? Precious…

If you are naturally the sort of person that likes people to prove their worth for you, do you homework first. Want to know which company is the best in dealing with tenant enquiries? Phone them up about an existing advert yourself, but please, don’t ask for a special viewing and not show up. You wouldn’t want someone wasting the time of someone working for you, so be considerate. Some companies blacklist timewasters, and you don’t want to be blacklisted by your preferred property management company.

If you are going to act the part of a prospective tenant, have a good story. Please don’t say it is ‘for a friend’ – your friend is unlikely to get the time of day if they are incapable of lifting a phone themselves. Why can’t they? Are they in traction? Gaol? Outer space? Just being ‘too busy at work’ does not say to a property manager the ‘friend’ will take the time to report maintenance issues or meet when necessary, so don’t be surprised if they don’t leap to lay down the red carpet. Does that seem a tough stance to take? We don’t think so. It is vital for us that we meet the actual occupants of a property. Too many stories abound of the pretty girl tenant who gives the property to her scary mob boyfriend. So bear in mind if you ring a property management company ‘for a friend’ – are they mindful of your properties security and who will be living in it? If so, you could be in good hands.

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