Thursday, January 5, 2012

No One Complains About You.

Over a few drinks recently, one of our regular tradespeople remarked to me "You know Jackie, I work with lots of property management companies all over Wellington".
"Yes, I know" said I, wondering where this was going.
"Do you know, when I'm at your properties, I never hear the tenants complain? I never have neighbours come up to me and tell me how bad your tenants are".
"Really? Surely that isn't unusual" I said.
"No," he said "It's very unusual. I always have other peoples tenants complain to me about their property managers. Never about Rental Results".
Hugely flattered, I turned to another Tradie in the room from a different industry and asked him if that was his experience.
He thought for a moment, and said "He's right. I've never had any complaints about you guys. Plenty about the other buggers, but none about Rental Results. When I pull up outside a property in my van, neighbours will come out and tell me what the tenants are getting up to, but not for your properties".
Now, it wasn't just that it was my shout for the drinks. These guys were genuine. And I have no reason to doubt them as we have very few tenant complaints to us directly either.
We manage to walk the line of looking after landlords interests at the same time as meeting tenants expectations for good customer service. That isn't an accident, it is something we set out to do each time we meet a prospective tenant. We have tenants remark to us that 'we have never had a property manager show so much interest in us and what we wanted before'. It carries on through the tenancy and we have a good record of getting back properties in good condition as the tenants care that we care.

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