Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rental Appraisals:

Did you know Rental Appraisals with Rental Results are free?

Brilliant for checking if you are getting the right rent currently, if you wish to refinance, you are thinking of renting out your property, or you are doing your due diligence on a property purchase.  Our rental appraisals are more than just a number.

We’ll point out marketable features of your property tenant’s desire, and also what you could do to improve the desirability of your property.  We love it when you get the ‘most bang for buck’ so we will tell you plainly what is the most cost effective changes you could make.  We’ve saved people the expense of replacing kitchens with a few helpful suggestions, and increased rental yields substantially, so we know our appraisals are worth thousands of dollars.

Book your appraisal today by emailing Jackie or phoning 04 4711880 to get enormous value for a small cost of your time.

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