Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is shame stopping you succeeding?

A while ago, I had a prospective client who said she wanted us to manage her property but would not get me the tenancy agreements and other paperwork we needed to get started. I thought 'maybe she doesn't want to go ahead with property management'. When I finally confronted her about it, having followed up with her about 8 times, she admitted 'I haven't given you the green light because I am so embarrased. I've realised I didn't lodge the bond, and my rent records aren't up to date. I don't know where to start, and I'm disappointed with myself for not being better at this'.

Oh, is that all! I made a time with her to go to her house and sort through the loose pile of papers, extract the essentials we needed and had her write a cheque for the Bond Centre. Together we quickly tabulated the rent record from her statements, she signed our management contract, and the rest is history. The relief she felt once she admitted what was holding her back, and the quick solution (it took about 2 hours, including a coffee break), was obvious and immediate.

We quickly tackled the immediate problems with the tenancy - some rent arrears and maintenance items - and brought to an end insidious behaviour that was costing the owner money (the tenants were bending her around their little fingers).

She's gone on to buying more property and renovating them, something she is skilled at, plus furthering her career and spending more time with her family without this millstone around her neck.

She is so thrilled with our service, and that we didn't laugh at her, she happily gave us her own home to manage as well when she moved out of town.

Are you letting your secret shame from stopping you getting the help you need? Don't be embarrassed, we help people like you all the time. Contact us for help right away.

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