Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why your Accountant should know you better than your Gynaecologist

Money and Sex. Two important concepts. Couples fight over them, comedians joke about them, but few people can talk seriously and comfortably with either topic. If you want to be healthy, financially and physically, it is time to change that. Your accountant should know if you have multiple business partnerships. If you have an itch to do something expensive, they should be kept in the loop. If you are rash with your spending, they can tell you what the limit needs to be, before you end up penniless and alone. Your accountant should be able to assist you stay liquid, but only if you tell them all. They can’t read your mind, and poking will aggravate sore spots. Get the salve early and learn how to stay healthy by telling your accountant all your dirty (financial) secrets.

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