Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halogen Hell.

If you want to get to know the clerk at your local light shop really well, install halogen lights.  Halogens can be relied on to last about as long as it takes to drive back from the store with the replacements for the last ones that blew.  If you are lucky, you’ll have time to find the step ladder too before ‘pop’ there goes another one.

Not only is this wasteful of resources – all those bulbs in landfill, all the trips back and forth to the light shop, it isn’t all that energy efficient either.  I’d argue you get more usable light from one 100w incandescent bulb than you do from two 50w halogens.  Not as romantic a light, but more practical.

If you are serious about developing a romance at the light shop, well, sometimes the planet needs to take second place to true love.  If love is off the cards, think carefully about the type of lights you install.

Tenants hate halogens.  Not only do they need replacing every 4.3 seconds, they cost more than regular bulbs to replace.  They are also really hot to touch, so they can’t be replaced the instant they blow, they need to be allowed to cool down first.  Halogen burns – I have a number of scars on my inquisitive fingers to prove it.  That’s what I get for touching the merchandise when I’m light shopping.

They can last longer if the cotton gloves literally go on when changing bulbs.  The oils from your skin can create hot spots, and that’s not a good thing for delicate bulbs.  I’d hate to think of the effect of kitchen splatter.  But, better yet, just install ordinary fittings, not halogens.  You can also fit these with compact florescents too, to save energy.

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