Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real Estate Agent Friday, Property Manager Monday.

Last weekend I was looking at a property with a real estate agent.  ‘I’m intrigued by your car’ he said, commenting on the sign-writing, ‘is it your business?’.  I explained that indeed I ran a successful property management company in the Wellington area.  ‘Fantastic!’ he said.  ‘I’m in that industry too.  Our company property manager resigned on Friday, so the office manager said come Monday morning, I’m it’.  Not surprisingly, this was the extent of his knowledge about his new career.  Yup, that’s the quality of property manager some companies have.  Not a career choice, certainly not a vocation, or a calling, but ‘bugger, the seats empty, who’s fool enough to say yes to sitting in it?’.  Sigh.  It is this sort of recruitment process that makes me weep for all the landlords and tenants and houses damaged by such lack of care and passion.  It makes me weep for all the property managers who do give it their all but are tainted with the same brush.  It makes me weep about all the wannabes who apply to work at Rental Results without a clue about what it takes.  That X factor is hard to describe.  I tried to explain the other day to someone that it takes an iron fist in a velvet glove, but that doesn’t really capture it.  Take a look at our recruitment advert here to learn more about the skills and attributes we look for.  Not surprisingly, there are few who fit the bill.  But that’s fine.  We know it takes a special someone to be part of the team and give it what we do.  If you know that special someone, show them our advert.  We are dedicated to having the best property management team in the country.

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