Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Child/Parent Relationship.

The tenant /landlord relationship is very much like a parent and child. You will have tenants who will always try to push the limits and take advantage of a weak landlord at any chance they can get. We see landlords who don’t chase up rent arrears, because the tenant gets angry and calls them mean. We see landlords who defer maintenance, because the tenant won’t let tradesmen into the house unless it’s on their terms and a time that suits them. We see tenants who try to break fixed term leases and try to justify their demands.

If these tenants were children what would Super Nanny recommend? She would say you need to stand your ground and you have to back up your demands and NEVER back down. If they persist stick them in the naughty corner (go to the Tenancy Tribunal).

I was recently talking to the building manager of a complex we manage apartments in. I had mentioned that on my last visit both entry doors to the “secure” complex were wedged open and the place was looking a bit messy. His response was “what can you do?” My response was “if you find them wedged open you shut them, and you send a letter to tenants telling them to do the same. You try to find out who is responsible for the mess and give them warning” It’s pretty easy to find the culprit when the mess is directly outside an apartment. Like Super Nanny says it may take time and it will be a battle of wills, but unlike training a child, if the tenants persist with being stubborn you don’t renew the lease. If it’s a bad breach, take them to the Tenancy Tribunal.

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