Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 Steps to Finding the BEST Property Manager. Step 1: Look at how they advertise.

Scan the trademe ads, which company does the best advertising? Which company has the longest times between listing and letting?

We see plenty of ads where there is just one poor quality photo that doesn't show much , where the blurb about the property just states the basics. Not surprisingly these tend to be the properties that were listed months ago and are still available.

Find a company that takes advantage of the internet's capabilities. Do they use good quality photos that show the place in its best light? Is the blurb evocative, does it sing the praises of the property? Do they have a virtual walk through? Do they use cryptic abbreviations or language everyone can understand?

What ads do you think are the most effective? What ads have you wanting to have a further look at the property? It will be the ones which show the property in its best light.

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